Blank Santa letter with drawing space

If you have kids at home, writing a letter to Santa is surely one of your traditions for each year; that’s why we’ve prepared this amazing free printable letter to Santa. With it, you can help out younger ones to write out the best letter to big ol’ Claus. Are you ready to send some letters?

Free printable letter to Santa

Christmas is a very lovely time for families to enjoy. If you love having your kids excited at home waiting for their presents while singing the 12 days of Christmas, you’ll surely love this too.

A free printable letter to Santa is the best way of helping out younger kids to write Santa Claus a letter. This is a tradition that is slowly disappearing in a modern world, which is why it’s important to keep it around us with the youngest ones. If you want to offer them this amazing experience, this letter will make things much easier for them; especially if it’s their first time writing a letter.

We’ve created one with a beautiful design just so you can let them write the important parts with just about everything Santa needs to get them exactly what they desire the most.

Sample of a letter to Claus

If your kids know how to write a letter but they have writer block, then you can show them this useful sample to write the best one ever. Check it out below:

From Victor, 7

Dear Santa Claus:

Hope Mrs. Claus and the reindeers are doing great; say hi to them for me. I was too young last year to write to you a good letter, but I’ve been doing great at school. I’ve been a good boy this year and learned a lot of things. I also practiced a lot how to write you a letter, so I read and wrote tons of books and magazines. You can bring me whatever you like, I trust you to pick the best present for me; only you can do it. Get my parents a present, they’ve worked so hard this year, so they totally deserve (An advice; my mom loves chocolate and my dad loves cookies)

I’m going to leave you some cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows inside when you come to my house. Please, don’t knock down our tree like last year. Also, don’t be afraid of our dogs, they’re just playful (they’ll love you if you get them a present, too).

Thank you very much! And you have a very merry Christmas, too.


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Download the best free printable letter to Santa here

Below you’ll find two different versions that you can use to help your kids. Each one comes with a beautiful design that Santa Claus will surely love.

  • A blank one in PDF.
  • One with spaces for name, age, drawing, and more information in PDF.