printable ring size chart

A printable ring size chart is the single best investment you can make when talking about jewelry. Why? Because you can save a lot of money simply if the ring you just got made fits.

Printable ring size chart for men and adjustable ring sizer

Whether you want to give a man a gift or ask him the big question, getting the right ring size is vital, especially if they are not aware of the upcoming gift. If you want to give them a ring as a gift without ruining the surprise, a ring sizer is the best tool that can help you do it correctly. And we’ve created the best one for you. There are more reasons why this is important, though.

A small ring can get stuck, which can be very painful and is for sure inconvenient. Also, returning a custom-made ring is, well, impossible most of the time. Getting it resized is an option, but it can considerably unplanned expenses. With the soaring price of jewelry, if you guess your loved one’s ring measurement, you’re also wasting money carelessly. Are you sure you’re making a safe investment?

How to determine ring-size?

It’s not rocket science, but using it without proper instructions is as useless as not having one in the first place. Our ring sizer comes with a “double-check” feature and several common male ring sizes to compare.

  1. First, you have to use the adjustable ring sizer (after cutting it out of the printable sheet).
  2. Simply adjust it to the finger of said person. This kind of ruins the surprise though, which is why you can also use the next step

printable ring sizer pdf

  1. You can take a ring that a person already has and that you’ve seen them wear comfortably.
  2. Place the ring on top of the circles of various sizes in the printed sheet.

ring sizer for men step 2

  1. The size of the ring is the same as the circle that fits the inner part of said ring perfectly. If you’re in doubt, pick a slightly bigger measure.
  2. If it’s not a surprise, the best thing you can do is use both tools. It will increase the accuracy of the results.

You can then take the measurement to the jewelry store or custom ring maker. Or, why not, start making your own at home. You must know that this specific ring size adjuster is made for men, which in most cases have bigger hands than women. You can check a women’s version of this sizer here.

Download the best printable ring sizer here

Are you trying to guess your loved one’s ring size? Stop that and secure your jewelry investment for free by downloading our printable ring sizer for men. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t cost you a penny, but it can save you a lot of money and from bad experiences.

Printable ring-sizer in PDF.