Printable calendar 2020 by month

Having a calendar is one of the most important things for anyone wanting to keep up with certain events, which is why we’ve prepared for you this printable calendar 2020. With this awesome calendar, you’ll have access to all days of this year. Are you ready to improve your organization?

Free printable calendar 2020 by month

Having a calendar is a very useful way of organizing yourself; especially if you have our printable calendar 2020. This year is going to be very important for many of us, and for some, it’s even more important to take advantage of each second of every day.

As you probably know, if you don’t keep track of the days in a month, you wouldn’t fully enjoy them as days pass by rather fast. That’s why having a calendar is crucial if you’re trying to achieve great things. Going to school, college, work, throwing birthday parties and getting presents before those arrive are all activities that require quite a lot of organization. How can you organize to do that without having a visual reference for these days?

How to use our calendar?

Using this calendar is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is:

  • Print it: Our design was made to fit different page sizes, so it’s easy to do this with a few clicks.
  • Post it: Locating this calendar in a place where you can see it is the best way of using it.

Printable calendar 2020 by month how to use

  • Organize your days: Start planning your days by taking notes of specific dates on top of the calendar. That’s it.

As you can see, it’s really easy to organize yourself using a calendar. Soon, you’ll be taking advantage of each day of the year, so you can reach your goals quicker than expected. Also, if you pair these with our easy to use to-do lists and weekly chore lists, you’ll be even more prepared to do what you have to do in time. Learn more reasons to keep a calendar with you at all times here.

Download the best printable calendar 2020

Below you’ll find the links to download our printable calendar for this year. We have it in two different formats for you to check out.

Calendar by month excel

In XLSX:  You can open this type of document using Google Drive or Microsoft Excel. It’s fully customizable so you can adapt it to your needs.

In PDF: To print in few clicks.