july 2020 calendar without holidays

July 4th, Parent’s day, and other celebrations and important dates; find them all in our July 2020 calendar. After an amazing June, this calendar for July is going to be the most useful tool to plan your holidays, birthday parties, and events for the month. Are you ready to enjoy all of that on time?

Printable July 2020 calendar

July is filled with many dates that are important all over the US and the world. That’s why we know that this July 2020 calendar will be really useful to you and the organization of your events. Maybe you want to attend your local July 4th parade or you want to throw a party; this printable calendar is your best tool to do that and much more.

If you’re an organization geek like us, this is exactly what you need.

Why our calendar?

There are many calendars online that you can download; still, some of them are not as useful as ours. This calendar is simple, easy to print and use. It also comes with a couple of important dates marked down.

July 2020 calendar with holidays

This version of the calendar has important dates for the US already marked down.

Also, we have an XLSX version, so you can add different dates like your kid’s birthdays, game nights, or planned night outs with your spouse. It’s a very useful tool to organize all kinds of events. And if you pair it with our simple to-do list or weekly to-do lists, you’re all set to start planning with months in advance.

Download the best July 2020 calendar here

Below you’ll find the links to download our printable calendar for 2020. We have it in two different formats for you to get.

july 2020 calendar in excel

In XLSX:  You can open this file using Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel. It’s fully customizable so you can change it as you please to adapt it to your needs.

In PDF without holidays: The best format to print in a few clicks.

In PDF with holidays.