august 2020 calendar

We know for sure that August is a very important month for everyone; which is why we’ve created this printable August 2020 calendar. With it, you’ll be able to organize in advance whatever activities you’re planning for this awesome month. Are you ready to start planning?

Printable August 2020 calendar

With our printable August 2020 calendar, you’ll be able to plan, organize and easily check each activity you have been thinking of doing in this month of the year. 2020 is going to be the year for some of us, and if you have important things to do in August; why shouldn’t you plan in advance?

This particular month is coming with two important annual celebrations; National CBD day, and National Aviation day. If you’re planning to celebrate any of those important dates or an important birthday or vacation leave; this is the best calendar to do it.

How to use this calendar?

This calendar is very simple to use; even children could use it to organize their activities for this month.

  • Pick the days of the calendar.
  • Take note of the calendar of the important activity or celebration for that day.
August calendar with holidays

AS you can see here, it’s very easy to add holidays. You can do it by hand with a marker or using our XLSX version below.

  • And start planning ahead.

With those three simple steps, you’ll be on your way to a better organization for an upcoming date. If it’s a birthday coming, you can check out our grocery list to get everything you need, or plan with our to-do lists what you have to check for that important celebration. If an organization is your goal, here at PrinterFriendly we’ve got you covered.

Download our printable August 2020 calendar here

If you want to easily print or create a custom printable August calendar, you can do it with the two different formats we’ve prepared for you.