Even with a vaccine, coronavirus likely won’t be going away anytime soon. It’s important to continue wearing your mask to protect the people around you. In this post, we have several fitted face mask patterns for you to choose from. If you want even more patterns to try out at home, check out these.

Want to download all the following patterns as printable PDFs? Scroll down to the bottom where you will find them all as links.

Multi-Size Face Mask

This face mask pattern has four different sizes, including one for infants if necessary! The way the fabric is cut allows the maker to pull it in around the nose and chin for a good fit. Follow the instructions to sew the mask. Make sure you choose the right size for you.

Multi-size Mask

Fitted Face Mask

This face mask pattern may not look easy to decipher at first glance, but this article gives step by step instructions on how to make the mask.

Fitted Mask pattern



Teen and Child Face Masks

This pattern has two sizes specifically for teenagers and children. Make sure you cut out 4 separate pieces, 2 for the interior and 2 for the exterior.

Face masks for teens and children

Adult Face Masks

This next set of patterns includes a large size for adults and an extra-large for larger adults.

Face masks for adults


Download PDFs

To download any of our mask patterns as PDFs, click the following links to save them to your computer. You can then easily print them and trace them onto your fabric.

Multi-size mask

Fitted mask

Teen and child face masks

Adult face masks

Do you need even more face mask patterns? Not sure you need to go through all the hassle of making a fitted face mask? Check out this article with a free pattern for a simple pleated mask. Pleated masks can be adjusted around your face and are good for a quick run to the store or times when a tight seal is not necessary.