When you’re running a business, pro-active communication could save customers time. Proper communication when things aren’t working can prevent accidents, let them know you’re making upgrades on a piece of equipment, and let your customers know that you’re on top of your operations.

If you are looking for a better way to address health and safety concerns among your colleagues, employees, and customers, you are in luck. At PrinterFriendly, we offer up ways to print out your concerns with our Out of Order Signs. We have covered how you can pass across simple and effective messages stating that certain areas and actions are prohibited among those at your workplace and in your residential area. Find out more below.



How to use our out of order printable

You can get your Free Printable out of order sign in less than 3 minutes by following these steps:

  • Select the poster or sign that appeals to you
  • You can modify the colors, words, icons, and texts
  • Download the poster
  • Print as a PDF file in your preferred format (Paper size: US Letter, Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches, Orientation: portrait or landscape)
  • Laminate (optional)

You could use our Printable out of order sign for your restaurant, elevator, bathroom, cash point, construction site, or any other place where you interact with people. You could even promote your brand subtly with customizable printable.

Just by presenting information in a concise way, you can reduce tension due to miscommunication when something is out of order. You also get to save resources in the process. You are much closer to meeting those safety and compliance guidelines with our Printable out of order sign at PrinterFriendly. Have a great day at work.

Download the printable out of order signs in full size

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