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Do you know how to combine pdf files? Maybe you need to put together several reading materials, papers, or compile PDF files, but you can’t afford to buy software to do it. Don’t worry, because we have 5 free ways of doing it. Keep reading to learn more.

5 free ways to combine or merge multiple PDF files

If you want to know how to combine PDF files, you came to the right place. Merging PDF files is an easy task that can be done with paid software. Still, if you don’t have money to pay for said software, there are different solutions to the issue you can use depending on the platform you’re using. We’ll focus on five different platforms in this guide, providing a free solution for each. Said platforms are Windows, Android, Mac OS, IOS, and browsers (Google Chrome).

Combining PDF files on Windows

Windows has hundreds of paid apps anyone can use to get this done, still, since this is a free guide, we’ll take the hard way. You’ll have to download an open-source program called PDFsam. It’s easy to use and pretty straightforward. Still, it’s not the most useful program in terms of practicality, which is why other paid apps are more recommended.

merge pdf files

Combining PDF files on Mac OS

Mac OS comes with an integrated app called the Preview app, which is more useful than you think. Using this app, you’ll be able to merge and play around with PDF files. What’s more, you’ll be able to turn other types of files to PDF, like PNG, JPEG, and more without downloading third-party apps.

how to combine pdf files

Combining PDF files on Android or iPhone.

Some free apps available on Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store can be used to merge PDF files easily on the go.

Still, you won’t get the best results unless you use a paid app or try another method with a PC. The most recommended one by far would be PDFelement, which is a simple yet effective tool that allows you to do several tricks with PDF files in both Android and iPhone. It’s also an awesome PDF reader and editor that will let you add sticky notes and freehand drawings to PDF files. It works exactly the same in both OS, so you’ll be getting the same functionality regardless of your phone.

Combining PDF files in a browser

There are thousands of pages that offer the service of combining PDF files for free. Still, not all of them are trustworthy, since some of them might even sell user data to third parties. However, not all hope is gone. You can easily use, which offers this and many other interesting web-based apps. All you have to do is pick the files you want to merge, upload them, and the app will do it for you. When the process is done, you’ll be able to download your files in a safe RAR file.

This website has tons of PDF tools.


If you manage to find and finish this article, you probably know there are thousands of different apps you can use to merge PDF files. Still, using them isn’t always free, safe, or worth your time, which is why we know you’ll find this short guide to be very useful. Did it help? Let others know by sharing this post.