A template can come in many forms. By definition, a template is a specifically-shaped piece of material (such as cardboard, plastic, paper, wood, etc.) that is then used as a pattern for cutting, tracing, painting, or editing.

Also referred to as stencils or patterns, templates provide an easy way to reproduce a craft project or allow you to print out a necessary form at scale.

Since PrinterFriend.ly is all digital, we specialize in all types and definitions of paper templates. From bill of sales to lease agreement to Halloween pumpkin stencils to basketball bracket templates to blank budget forms. Just print them out and you can use these free templates to trace out patterns for stars and mistletoe, circles and flowers, bubble letters and hearts, turkeys and snowflakes, Pok√©mon characters and… well, almost anything you can think of.

Templates for all occasions

From professional to educational to personal needs, browse hundreds of different template needs and if we have it, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the designs we’ve provided. And the templates you’ll find on our site come in a variety of formats, but most often in printable PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel — depending on the type of template you’re requesting.

Depending on your need, nearly every PDF on this site can be considered printable templates in some way shape or form, but you can check out what we’ve categorized specifically as such here.