Coronavirus lockdown is hard on everyone for different reasons. One especially difficult aspect is that many of us can’t spend time with our families in person. In this post, we have ten games for you to play with your family and friends on facetime/zoom/skype or whatever video calling software you use! We also have games to play with friends when you’re bored, and even games to play on a road trip!


Charades is a perfect game to play over facetime, because it’s based on visuals and doesn’t require any supplies. It’s easier to play with a computer, but you can also prop your phone against something so you can get a wider camera angle. You can come up with your own word to act out, or you can pick words from a list. It can sometimes be more fun to choose a word at random so the person acting isn’t in charge of the choice.


Similarly to charades, Pictionary is a great game to play on video calls. Each side will need blank pieces of paper. If you want to get very technical, you could use a drawing software and share your screen, but the easiest way would be to hold up your image to the camera every few seconds to let the other players see the image. Do you need help coming up with words to draw? We have some suggestions for you!

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Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt sounds like it might be difficult to set up over zoom, but it doesn’t have to be! One way to do it is to give the other person a list of items that they are likely to have (or that you know they have) in their house, and time how quickly they can bring them back to the camera and show them to you. Another way is to ‘hide’ a number of items around your own location, and then walk around with the camera and see if the other person can point out the items. This works best with brightly colored/similar items, like Easter eggs.


Bingo is an easy game to play, and can work really well over video! In this post, we have four bingo cards to print out, and we have a sheet with numbers that you can cut up and pull out of a hat. If you laminate all the pieces, you can re-use these over and over!

To download the above image as a PDF, click here.

If you want to download the above image as a PDF, click here.

To download the above image as a PDF, click here.


Do you have a wealth of random knowledge that you’re not using during lockdown? Try setting up a trivia game to play with your friends over facetime! A good way to do this is to set up five different categories and have a certain number of questions in each category.

Never Have I Ever

‘Never Have I Ever” is a classic party game. Everyone holds up their fingers. One person states something they have never done by saying ‘never have I ever…’ If the other players have done it, they put a finger down. Each player is eliminated from the game when their fingers are all down. The last one wins! If you are playing as a drinking game, the people who have done the activity drink.

Would You Rather

“Would You Rather” is a good game to get to know people better. We have a sheet of good questions for you to use when you play over facetime. Need more questions? Here are 100 Would You Rather questions for you!

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Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie is also a fun and easy game to play over video. Each player writes three statements about themselves, one of which is false. They then tell the other players these sentences, and they have to guess which one is fake.


If you want to use a video calling platform that plans games for you, check out Houseparty! This is a video calling app where you can have multiple people on at one time. The app includes Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac. You can invite friends to play, and the app does all the work for you!


Do you love to sing? Karaoke is just as easy to set up on a video call as it is in real life (maybe easier). Find some karaoke songs on Youtube and put on a show!

Do you need ideas for other games to play on facetime? Check out this post!

Don’t feel like video calling and interacting with other people? We have word searches that you can print out and solve on your own!