victor delgadilloVictor Delgadillo is a practical freelancer who loves writing about fitness, nutrition, and pets. This is not surprising, as he’s a physical therapist, a professional cook, and a self described “bird-loving guy.”

All of these are in addition to the to his true passion; content creation primarily helping webmasters created quality, interesting content that will satisfy their readers. These articles Victor have written and created have been optimized with the competitive SEO best practices¬† that he’s procured throughout his many years of experience as a writer, SEO, and content freelancer.

Victor has worked with for over two year and has authored hundreds of articles. Also in that time, he has not only written high-quality copy, but has a knack for creating the necessary graphics and charts in delivering a well-optimized piece of content that users will appreciate and search engines will love.

You can learn more about Victor through his LinkedIn here.