The NFL Playoffs usually start after the turn of the new year. Normally, the NFL postseason starts a week or so after the regular season ends. You can download and view your printable NFL playoff bracket for 2015 to follow along with all the gridiron action.

The professional football tournament begins with the Wildcard rounds for both the AFC and NFC held a few days after the new year. After those initial matches, there are the divisional round of play a week after the Wildcards.Print out Super Bowl winners

The second round determines which teams will compete in the AFC and NFC Championship games to be played in the middle of the month of January.

After everything is set and done, with only two teams remaining in the single-elimination NFL playoffs, the Super Bowl has taken place on the first Tuesday of February since 2002. Prior to 2002, the Superbowl had been played in January, but due to September 11 attacks in 2001 pushed the NFL championship game into February.