Injuries always put a damper in any type of professional sports, and when the injured player is the star player or an important part of the rotation, it can devastate the team’s chances of progressing to the post-season. NBA, like all other pro leagues, has its share of injuries during the season. For the past couple of seasons, the injury bug has caused some big names to miss a lot games and eventually cause their team to lose in the playoffs; or in some cases, not make it to the playoffs at all.

Many people blame the grueling 82 game regular season for the increasing number of injuries. Others think it is because players are always trying to push the boundaries of their game. Whatever the reason, the following teams in the NBA are currently feeling the adverse effects of the injury bug; maybe you can un-circle these teams from the printable NBA TV schedule:

Miami Heat

The heat suffered a big loss this off-season, but it had nothing to do with any injuries. They still started the season with high hopes; a still of early season injuries has dampened their spirits a bit. Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger, Chris Andersen, and Dwyane Wade are all dealing with meddling injuries, and with Chris Bosh going down recently, they are facing a rough road ahead of them.

OKC Thunder

To be fair, Thunder’s big dogs are back from injury and playing well. But, they were gone for an awful long time and the team suffered a string of losses during this period. Now that they are back, they are playing their hearts out to get their team back in contention for a playoff spot. Will they be able to do it? That is the million dollar question.

Golden State Warriors

It may not seem like it right now, but the Warriors have been playing without one of their key players. They have been doing so well without David Lee that people have forgotten that he plays for them. The recent injury to Andrew Bogut makes David Lee’s absence more prominent, Warriors will want him back if they want to keep their momentum.

Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose is back, although he is not the Rose of a few years back, but he is there and playing well. Chicago has had the toughest time with injuries even with Rose’s return; at least one key player from their roster is absent every game with this injury or that. Staying healthy is the key for them, if they want to win it all this season.

These teams are struggling – some of them will struggle in the future – because of injuries to key players. With printable NBA schedules from, you circle the comeback date for these players and see if they can bring their teams back on track.