Help your kids improve their knowledge in mathematics teaching them multiplication with our printable multiplication chart or times table. Easy to use and perfect to practice your math skills at home.

Printable multiplication chart

Multiplication charts are known to be one of the most annoying things for kids in their years of schooling. Some more than others will often require a little extra effort in order to acquire practice at it.

There are many ways to learn your multiplcation tables and that’s the point of our free printable multiplication charts. If you help them enough to learn multiplication, your kids will reach a point where they will do this thinking automatically. Alternatively, you can try playing multiplication games to have some fun doing math.

That’s highly important for them to approve school with good grades, which will ultimately affect their entire life as students, adults, business people, and personal growth.

Help your kids in the easiest way using these amazingly simple charts.

Types of multiplication charts

There are many types, but two major types of charts that are famously used to teach kids multiplication.

Common multiplication chart: these are the ones that are used the most. These are the simplest forms of tables. These tables exist in different formats that are useful depending on their specific goals. For example, there are individual charts or tables, full charts with each number usually ranging from 1 to 10 or 1 to 12. You can see more of these below.

Printable Multiplication Chart Colorful

Multiplication tables with blank spaces for results: The purpose of these types of charts is for learning kids to fill the spaces with the results of the multiplications for each number. These charts are more quizzes and are very useful when reviewing the knowledge of the kids and whether the learning efficacy.

Free Multiplication Chart fill in

As mentioned above, multiplication tables can come across in any range and format. When it comes to ranges, such as 1 to 10 or 1 to 12 and so on, there are as many as you can count up to. All that said, we’ve done some research into the most popular multiplication tables ranges with the highest demand are:

  1. 1 to 100
  2. 1 to 12
  3. 1 to 20
  4. 1 to 1000
  5. 1 to 15
  6. 1 to 30

In the following times table, we give you all the ways a number is multiplied up to 10. You can read down the list of blue numbers to see the patterns. When 5 is multiplied, the second digit alternates between 5 and 0. These patterns make it easy for kids to memorize.

None of the above multiplication charts tickle your math fancy? That’s okay, we want math to be as fun as possible so we have even more times tables and charts in different colors and styles here.

Download the best multiplication tables here for free

You’ve seen some of our online multiplication charts and printable times tables. If you’ve found one that best suits your needs, you can now print them out. You’ll find the four multiplication table formats in this post below in PDF and image formats for you to print out.

  1. Individual multiplication table format with answers (perfect for progressions): download here in PDF format
  2. Colorful times table for little kids: download here in JPG or PDF
  3. Multiplication table with blank spaces for answers: download here in JPG or PDF
  4. Times table best for studying: PDF

We’ve created so many multiplication charts and times tables, so if any of the above options don’t work for you, we have more choices. To see even more multiplication table styles and designs, click here.