Printable 9 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

The 9 times multiplication table was a nightmare for most parents when they were kids. It is the reason why so many people hate math until this day, which is worse for them than it is for math, which of course, will always exist. Avoid that for your kids using the right learning methods.

Printable 9 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

Teaching the tables to your kids shouldn’t be a hassle. Instead, take it as an opportunity to spend quality time with them in something that will improve their lives. We’re not kidding when we say that being skilled at math is a life advantage.

There are hundreds of careers that require it, even if they don’t seem to have a lot to do with math. We also use it every day for simple tasks, like knowing how much to buy of any product, how to calculate expenses and earnings, and more. Are you helping your kids learn their tables? Start doing it today using the right tools.

9 times table

This 9 times table is easy to use, it’s easy to remember for kids, and will help them memorize it easily after a few days of practice. Keep in mind that the tables are not the hardest mathematical concept they’ll learn, but it is a simple process (like addition) that they will use when the real heavy-hitters of math come.

You must make sure they perceive this in a non-threatening way, while using good motivating techniques.

9 times table chart

This is the single most useful tool for kids who have already learned the tables up to the 9 times table. You can use it in practice to ask them random results or simply print it out and place it in a visible spot for them to check it. Of course, they should do this at least 3 minutes per day once they’ve mastered all the tables up to the 9.

It will allow them to keep all the tables below 9 in their minds.

9 times table chart multiplication

Complementary missing factor worksheet

If you’re not sure whether they’re practicing their tables or not, you can simply print out this easy to use test. They should be able to solve it in less than 10 minutes. If they can’t, you have to take action to practice using the right method; the one we described with the 3 times table.

missing factor worksheets 3 times table

Download the best 9 times tables here

Download the most useful 9 times multiplication table and other tools described above for free. We believe this knowledge to be essential to raise people who can become a functional part of society. This is just one of the tools that will prepare them to have a better future, so you must make sure they learn other things. Don’t forget to check our 10 times table, as it comes with similar tools, and a new one for them to practice the multiplication tables from 7 to 10.

  • 9 times tables – PDF.
  • 9 times chart – PDF.
  • 9 times worksheet – PDF.