Printable 4 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

Are you looking for a good 4 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for kids? Find here the best method of practicing the tables, and teach them to your kids in less than two months. It’s all about time organization and conscious practice.

Printable 4 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

The 4 times table is easy to learn for kids, especially if you’re using the right methods. In this article, we’ll describe one of the best methods you can use to teach your kids all the multiplication tables.

After a few days of practice, your kids will have learned the tables by heart and will be able to easily go through tests at school. Let’s get started.

4 times table

Kids have more learning potential than grown people, which is something you have to take advantage of to nurture their minds. However, to do it correctly, you must immerse them in learning without overwhelming them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Practicing is easier done in batches throughout the day. You can schedule tables to practice every day whenever is convenient. We recommend that you use an app called Time-Tune to do it easily.
  • You can use just 20 minutes per session, and after they’ve learned it, use 5-minute sessions to keep their knowledge fresh.
  • If they have a short attention span, which is sometimes the case, you can also use several scheduled or random 5-minute sessions throughout the day.
  • You must always approach this as a game. If they find it amusing enough, they will actually learn to like it, and ask for you to play with them.
  • Also, you must never use negative reinforcement, which is generally a bad idea. Praise their achievements accordingly, and simply let them know when they’ve made a mistake.

Learning this way is fun for kids, especially if you’re interested, and can play with them this way.

4 times chart

Once they’ve learned the tables from 2 to 4, download and print this simple chart. They can use it whenever they want to practice what they already know. If you want to practice with them, you can also print one of these, and start asking them randomly.

printable 4 tables chart

4 times table worksheet

If they will have a test, you can also print one of these table worksheets for them to practice the night before. This will give them the confidence and knowledge they need to ace their tests.

missing factor table of 4 multiplication exercises

Download the best 4 times tables here

Learning the tables (and anything else) can be a fun activity to do with your kids if you’re using the right method. With the method described above, you’ll be able to raise a kid that will know how to study for bigger things, that will be organized, and unafraid of learning. Download the tables below and start applying them. Also, don’t forget to check our table of 3 and a table of 5 multiplication worksheets for more learning tips.


  • 4 times tables – PDF.
  • 4 times chart – PDF.
  • 4 times worksheet – PDF.