3rd grade multiplication worksheets

3rd-grade multiplication worksheets are highly recommended tools for kids to master a new level of math difficulty that comes with this grade. Now, without school because of Covid-19, parents need to be more involved than ever with children’s at-home education. Are you keeping up?

Printable 3rd grade multiplication worksheets and chart

3rd grade comes with a new set of challenges in different areas to stimulate learning in kids. Reading, writing, grammatical rules, advanced reading comprehension, and more, sound easy when compared to what math is bringing. Multiplication, different equations, super early introduction to algebra in some schools, and more will be the main attractions to solve. By third grade, kids are still learning multiplication and might not be confident enough about it.

That’s why we’ve created different printable 3rd-grade multiplication worksheets for you to help them master this knowledge at home.

How to use our worksheets and charts

Instead of adding to the challenge that is 3rd grade multiplication, these charts were created with learning in mind. That’s why they are filled with easy, medium, and slightly harder progressions that will enhance their learning. These are awesome for kids that have already mastered the tables. Check out our multiplication tables and charts if they’re not confident with them yet.

Here’s how to use them:

  • Download and print all the different worksheets and the chart below.
  • Start with the easiest multiplications. They are fairly simple, so you can use them with kids who just learned the tables.
  • Scale up the difficulty once they solve the first one effortlessly. Do the same until they can solve the last one.


Once they reach and solve correctly the last multiplication worksheet, both you and they should be more confident about their knowledge. You can also use these worksheets to test their improvements once school starts, as it’s an awesome way of keeping up with your child’s education.

Results for the worksheets.

Here are the results for each 3rd grade multiplication worksheet in order. You can easily check them and compare them with their results once they finish, and give them a score or qualification. That will help them feel more confident or make sure they practice to improve their grades!

3rd grade multiplication worksheets

3rd grade multiplication worksheets

Download the best 3rd-grade multiplication worksheets and chart

Below you’ll find the best multiplication formats to use with kids to teach them how to multiplicate. When they finish these worksheets easily, they will be more than ready to face 4th-grade math.