3 times table multiplication

Find here the best printable 3 times multiplication table, a great worksheet to practice, and awesome tips to learn them. These are the most useful to master the table of 3, which is among the easiest ones, but that can be a little hard for small kids that are new to math.

Printable 3 times table and practice worksheets for multiplication

Learning multiplication is not something that’s achieved in a week or two. For your kids to learn, we recommend that you spend time with them, and guide them through their practice sessions. It’s also highly recommended that you spend just a few minutes practicing their tables since it’s been confirmed that less practice, but more practice sessions per day is more efficient for learning.

In this guide, you’ll learn a little bit more about how to help your kids learn their tables, without causing them to hate math because of inconvenient hours of practice. Let’s get right into it.

3 times table

With this simple multiplication table, you’ll be able to teach your kids the basics. Make sure to explain again the table of 2, just to keep their knowledge fresh. Here’s a breakdown of how your practices should be:

  • Save 20 minutes for practice every day. Those 20 minutes have to be used entirely, without distractions and staying on the topic at all times.
  • In the first sessions, simply let them read it a few times while you supervise them so they don’t cheat or get distracted. Do that at least two days in a row.
  • In the third session, ask them the 3 times table or whatever table their learning currently. Simply ask them while you have this design in your hand to check the results.

Another good way of doing this is by allowing them to ask you, too. You can say the wrong results sporadically to see if they correct you.

3 times table multiplication

3 times table worksheet

This worksheet is also a good idea to test them. Simply print them, and allow them to resolve it in the stipulated time.

simple multiplication missing factor worksheet - table of 3

Download the best 3 times tables here

Using this method, your kid can accumulate a lot of practice hours that won’t tire him out quickly, just because the perceived effort is less. Also, don’t forget you can apply this method with the 4 times and 5 times tables we’ve created. They are the best method to teach the tables or any concept at home.

  • 3 times tables – PDF.
  • 3 times worksheet – PDF.