Printable 2 times table and practice worksheets for multiplication

Usually, the 2 times table is the first real multiplication table they learn. The table of 1 is easy, but it’s just used to explain the concept of multiplication. That’s why we’ve created the perfect learning tools for kids to learn the 2 times table easily as a second introduction to multiplication.

Printable 2 times table and practice worksheets for multiplication

This printable 2 times table is the easiest table we’ve created for kids to learn. You simply have to use it correctly to make things much easier for your kid. In this article, we’ll talk about how to start teaching your kids the multiplication tables. Also, we’ll share with you the best free tools you can download and print to aid you with this task.

2 times table

The 2 times table we’ve created is simple but effective. With it, your kids will learn efficiently using association. They have to read it however is more comfortable for them. Simply teach them to dedicate at least 5 minutes to read it over a few times each day. That’s enough for their brains to assimilate and keep this knowledge available to them.

Printable 2 times table and practice worksheets for multiplication

Easy missing factor worksheet

This 2 times table worksheet is exactly what you need to test your kid’s knowledge. It’s a simple table of missing factor exercises with the table they already know. This will make learning much easier for them. They will associate the table they’ve been studying with this one, allowing them to improve their memory. After a few days of efficient practice, they should be able to solve this worksheet with ease.

2 times table worksheet

Download the best 2 times tables here

Below, you’ll find all the exercises and tables we’ve created in independent files. You can easily download the ones you need, and start helping your kids at home, and for free. Don’t forget to check our 3 times tables and 4 times multiplication worksheets, but only when you think they’re ready for what’s next.


  • 2 times tables – PDF.
  • 2 times worksheet – PDF.