Printable 13 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

The 13 times table is among the most difficult tables to learn if you don’t have the right tools. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the reasons why this table is important, along with some of the best tools you can use to learn it.

Printable 13 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

The 13 times table is a vital thing to learn. Not only it’s one of the best ways of teaching kids two-digit operations, but it will also make more complicated math problems easier for them.

Since this table includes big numbers above 100 in the results, they will know how to manage them easily. That’s perfect to prepare them for much more complicated concepts, like equations, and division, since they will be using large numbers. Finally, it will also improve their mental calculus ability, so they won’t struggle to solve math problems in their minds.

We have created three tools that will allow you to help them at home for free. All you have to do is download them, print them, and start practicing the tables with them. If you practice at least 20 minutes with them per day, you’ll be able to keep yourself sharp, and kids prepared to face math tests in school. Let’s get right into it.

13 times table

This simple 13 times table is more complex than it meets the eye. You see, we’ve created it using a colorful design. Even though it appears to be just another table, its colors will allow kids to master it easily by association. We used red, a color that stands out when compared to others, to highlight the results. This will make their brains retain that information for longer, especially after a few practice sessions.

13 times table chart

This simple multiplication chart of 13 will keep kids learning their current tables, while also practicing by visualization the rest of the tables they’ve learned. This is perfect for kids to keep their practice sessions short; simply make sure they read through it once a day, and ask random multiplications within the table.

Printable 13 times chart

Complementary thirteen times table worksheet

This simple missing factor worksheet will let kids improve their memory. We didn’t just erase the results, but also some of the factors in the operations while showing the results. They will be able to form deep connections by not only memorizing the results but also said factors.

missing factor worksheet table of 13

Download the best 13 times tables here

Download the table, chart, and worksheet below for free. Start using the methods described above, and you can rest assured that your kids will memorize most tables in a matter of weeks. Also, don’t forget to check our table of 12 and a table of 15 multiplication worksheets for more learning tips.


  • 13 times tables – PDF.
  • 13 times chart – PDF.
  • 13 times worksheet – PDF.