Printable 10 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

The 10 times table is among the easiest ones to learn. Still, coming from the table of 9, this can be seen as one of the hardest ones. That’s why we’ve created the most useful tools for you to teach your kids at home, get them started in two-digit multiplication, and give them a huge educational advantage. Let’s get right into it.

Printable 10 times table, chart, and practice worksheets for multiplication

The 10 times table is an easy table that appears to be hard at first, just like the 11 times table. However, even though it’s not hard, it does introduce a different concept that can be overwhelming for kids who struggle with math; two-digit multiplications. Are you ready to take action?

Today, we’ll talk about the best 10 times table learning resources for kids. Keep in mind that they are simple, so kids will be able to use them on their own at any time. Still, it’s best if you’re involved with their learning so you can support them through the process.

10 times table

The 10 times table is easy, and this simple table will prove that to your kid. You must be sure that they understand that the first number won’t always be a zero. This is a good introduction for them to learn up to the 16 times table.

To use this particular resource, simply print it, and allow them to practice before testing their knowledge with the worksheets below.

10 times table chart

If you’re afraid your kid will forget about the other tables he’s learned, this is the resource for you. This chart includes all tables from 2 to 10, making it one of the best tools for kids to keep practicing what they already know.

Printable 10 times chart

Complementary missing factor worksheets

We’ve created two different worksheets for kids to practice the tables. First, we’ve created a worksheet specifically to test their knowledge of the 10 times table. We recommend that you print that one first.

Once you’ve used it, we recommend that you download and print the 7, 8, 9, and 10 times worksheets. Along with the chart, this is a great way of testing their knowledge of tables they’ve learned before.

missing factor exercises with tables from 7 to 10

Download the best 10 times tables here

Below, you’ll find all the exercises and tables we’ve created in independent files. You can easily download the ones you need, and start helping your kids at home, and for free. Don’t forget to check our 9 times tables and 12 times multiplication worksheets, so they can practice what they know, and be ready for what’s next.

  • 10 times tables – PDF.
  • 10 times chart – PDF.
  • 10 times worksheet – PDF.
  • 7-10 missing factor worksheet – PDF.