basic shapes preschool worksheets

Here at, we offer some of the best printable preschool worksheets for free so your preschooler can begin exercising their young brains. As parents and teachers, there can never be enough methods to improve your child’s education. Are you taking the right approach?

Printable preschool math worksheets.

When talking about preschool math, you need to know that kids are smarter than you think, and they probably know simple math before you explain it. They can know simple math concepts without assigning them a name.

What’s the best thing you can do to ensure they have advanced knowledge when they reach preschool? Teach them yourself at home.

preschool math worksheet

There’s not a single thing you, as a parent, can’t teach your children. They will pay much more attention to you than to a new teacher. That’s why today we’re bringing you these preschool worksheets you can download for free.

Preschool math worksheets.

Using these preschool math worksheets, you’ll be able to teach kids of less than 4 years simple concepts, like basic addition, subtraction, number sense, and more. They probably already know these concepts, so you just have to assign them a name, and give them a little practice.

These worksheets are perfect to get started. Simply download them to have as a resource you can pull out whenever they’re engaged with you in an activity or when you share quality time.

How to use them?

You just need to guide them on how to use them and practice with them until they get comfortable. Here are the steps you have to take:

  • Teach them the numbers from 1 to 20 using everyday objects or representations.
  • Teach them basic addition and subtraction once they master the numbers.
  • Add tracing and coloring exercises for them to master colors and shapes.

With that simple approach, you’ll give them the first building blocks they’ll use throughout their academic life.

Download the free printable preschool worksheets here.

Now that you know how to teach them, you only need these precious resources that will be very useful to teach them safely at home. Remember to add fun to their learning process and they will improve much faster.