3rd grade math worksheets

Get the best Printable 3rd-grade math worksheets here and help your kid master 3rd-grade math quickly. Are your kids failing at school or it’s not even a challenge for them?

Third grade addition answer sheet (above)
1) 31351 9) 2770
2) 3716 10) 493
3) 13163 11) 249
4) 7326 12) 13110
5) 1869
6) 642
7) 59818
8) 66045
Third grade word problems addition answers
$520 every week
$6060 per year

Printable 3rd-grade math worksheets

3rd grade is a big challenge for most kids because it’s where they’re supposed to master all the previous skills they’ve learned in first and second grade, while also getting started with multiplication and division. They should also be able to solve a plethora of related problems or tasks using those mathematics processes, including word problems, equations, and all the same things they’ve learned but on a bigger scale.

3rd grade math worksheets

Third grade division answer sheet
1) 40 9) 361,125
2) 121 10) 11,45
3) 64.75 11) 13,64
4) 95 12) 396,5217391304348
5) 63,875
6) 59,3
7) 5,78
8) 25,67
Third grade word problems division answers
$5 each
It will last 66.67 days

Some kids struggle with math, especially when multiplication and division are introduced. It’s a new concept that isn’t easy to grasp at first. That’s why they will need your help, patience, interest, and involvement. Are you willing to help them?

Ensure a bright academic future for your children

Once your children master all these concepts and apply them in real-world interactions, you can feel confident that they’re one step ahead to be ready for the world. You can ensure this by adding a little bit of a challenge at home. To help you with that, we’ve created easy to use math worksheets for you to test your kids.

3rd grade math worksheets

Third grade multiplication answers
1) 360 9) 23112
2) 484 10) 5544
3)1036 11)14850
4) 2875 12) 209760
5) 4088
6) 4806
7) 468
8) 924
Third grade word problems multiplication answers
240 shirts per month
Fido eats 8400 grams per month and 2100 grams per week

This is the best way of watching them perform these tasks in front of you, to directly assess their knowledge. Here’s how to do it:

  • Talk with your kid. You need to communicate with them, ask them a lot of questions about how they feel regarding their math skills.
  • Depending on their answer, you’ll want to approach the test differently. It might be a challenge, a game, or anything else that can keep them interested in solving the worksheets.
  • Finally, review the test and assess your kid’s knowledge. That way you’ll know if he needs to practice a little more or focus on other areas of his education.

Third grade subtraction answers
1) 89 9) 1001
2) 210 10) 31
3)15 11) 321
4) 24 12) 7129
5) 153
6) 235
7) 438
8) 933
Third grade word problems subtraction answers
$180 is left
16 days and there will be 200 grams left.

Download the best Printable 3rd-grade math worksheets

Below, you’ll find four different worksheets with different types of problems for your kids to solve. Pick the one that they need the most or download them all to get to see their general math skill in different areas.

Subtraction math worksheets.

Addition math worksheets.

3rd grade division math worksheets.

3rd grade multiplication math worksheets.