Hangman can be used to expand vocabulary skills for everyday words. However, you can also use it for more imaginative learning! Did you know you could use Hangman as a fun math game? It’s true! In this post, we’ll give you several ways to use Hangman as a math game! The templates we give allow you to fold the paper in half so you can have the clue on one side and the scaffold on the other.

“Variable”  word search game to learn math

An easy way to use Hangman as a math game is to have Player 1 choose words or phrases related to math. Then they can give clues to Player 2 about the word. Our first example is the word ‘variable.’ A good clue would be ‘A symbol for a number we don’t know the value of.’

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learn math with nangman game

You can use the game to work on identifying geometric shapes by their properties as well. For older players, you can give more complicated verbal clues like ‘A shape with four equal sides and all right angles.’ For younger players, you could draw the shape and have them try to figure out the spelling.

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math hangman game

Our final suggestion for using Hangman for math is to not use letters at all! Math is all about numbers, after all! You can expand the game to have the other player guess parts of equations. Having them guess individual digits can help the game last longer, and will be good for kids who are learning how to add by dividing the equation into parts.

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math hangman game with multiplication

If you want to download the above template as a PDF, click here.

There are many more ways to use Hangman for different topics or lessons. If you are a teacher, you can adapt it for use in the classroom.

Of course, there’s always the option of playing regular Hangman. If you want a template, click here. If you need suggestions on good words to use for the game, check out this post!