Printable addition tables for kindergarteners 1 to 10

Check out here our addition worksheets for kindergarteners in PDF and start teaching your kids basic math as soon as possible. Kids are like sponges – meaning they absorb knowledge easily –, that’s why teaching them about math when they’re about to enter kindergarten or when they do, is the fastest way of introducing them into math successfully. Are you ready to save precious time educating your child at home? Let’s get started.

Printable addition worksheets for kindergarteners in PDF

When talking about kindergarteners, people think that kids are naive, childish and that they don’t pay attention to anything. And, even though it’s true in some cases, that’s not the only way it can be. You see, kids have untapped learning potential before the moment they’re born. They come into this world with their brains ready to absorb knowledge at a fast pace. This decreases over time, making us slow-learners when we reach the age of forty or more.

Since that’s the case, you can actually take advantage of their age and early development to teach them a thing or two when they can take the knowledge more easily. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to teach them how to solve quadratic equations, but you can teach them how to add, subtract, and even start with multiplication just before they finish kindergarten. How to do it though?

How to teach kids math as early as possible

When teaching kids, three elements are vital; using the right approach, method, and a lot of patience. Kids can be very smart and learn concepts fast, still, getting their attention is the biggest issue. That’s why you need to teach them through play. Playing is the most effective way of teaching kids several things. It’s not actually playing though; it’s making learning fun for them. Now, to teach kids how to subtract, you should follow these rules:

  • Never take too long per class; a few minutes (around 10) should take, especially if you’re at home.
  • If there are other family members around, ask for their help in this process. Learning in a group is easier and more fun for kids.
  • There should be a reward involved. Something simple like them getting an extra nighttime story, their favorite dessert or praise should be enough. This is called positive reinforcement and is proven to be one of the most effective learning tools. 
  • Don’t stress them too much. If they get bored, move on to another activity, and retake their learning later or another day.
  • Finally, test his progress. The worksheets we’ve created for kindergarteners are easy and short for them.

Printable addition tables for kindergarteners from 11 to 20

If your child solves the problems easily, you can also move on to the slightly harder addition worksheet; they have simple, intermediate, and advanced problems. If your kid solves those, he is way smarter than you think.

Download the printable addition worksheets for kindergartners in PDF here

Below you’ll find the kindergarten addition worksheet and tables. You’ll be able to download them in two different formats; in PDF and JPG. PDF is easy to print and JPG is easy to visualize in tablets or smartphones.

basic printable addition worksheets kindergarten

Kindergarten worksheet: PDF and JPG 

Addition table 1 to 10 : PDF and JPG.

Addition table 11 to 20 : PDF and JPG.

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