Women's March Madness schedule 2020

Check out here the best Women’s March Madness schedule for this year. Only 16 days remain until the start March Madness for men, 17 until Selection Monday for women’s version of the tournament. Are you ready for Women’s March Madness 2020?

Women’s March Madness schedule 2020

Keeping up with your favorite sporting competitions is not easy. Why? Well, in the case of March Madness, each match happens in a matter of days, making the last weeks of March very exciting. Still, to keep up with the matches, you have to know the time, date, and other factors such as where you can see the games. That’s the only way of organizing your schedule to avoid missing a match. If you miss just one game, you’ll miss quite a lot of the action, especially since the tournament only lasts a few days.

If you want to avoid this, and instead keep watch as the games occur in order, then you’ll need to download our Women’s March Madness schedule for 2020.

How to use it?

Using this schedule is very simple, but you can make it even simpler if you pair it with one of our to-do lists or our 2020 calendar by month. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download our schedule for the tournament. It contains vital information about when the matches will take place, where, and what stage of the tourney they represent.
  • Download our calendar by month and mark down the important dates of each tournament. You can also mark down March 16, when Selection Monday will take place, so you can check if your bracket predictions were right.
  • Finally, with our to-do lists, write down the hour and where to watch the game or where to check information about the tournament.

Printable calendar 2020 by month and Women's March Madness schedule

If you take all these steps, you won’t be missing the games for anything in the world. With such an exciting 2019-2020 season, we can assure you that you’ll regret it if you miss one.

Download the best Women’s March Madness schedule

Below you’ll find the schedule in two different formats. First, in JPG, so you can check the information wherever you are on your phone or post it on social media to warn your friends.

Women's March Madness schedule 2020

Click on the image to download

And in PDF, so you can print it easily with just a few clicks at home.