What is March Madness?

March Madness is the primary postseason for NCAA college basketball where 68 teams compete for the NCAA championship. However, it’s not called March Madness because of the amount of games, but for the intense matches that tend to happen and the upsets that are bound to shake up brackets throughout the country.

Bracket Madness

I so want “bracket” and “madness” to rhyme. If I were Nicki Minaj, I’d make it work. It might work on a mic, but spitting it out on an HTML webpage just doesn’t work.

Every year, millions of NCAA tournament fans print out March Madness brackets for personal challenges, office pools, or fun tournament-within-a-tournament among friends. PrintFriend.ly offers you a variety of printable March Madness brackets for you to pick and choose the one that is right for your tournament.

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