christmas printable tag

Are you looking for some printable Christmas tags to identify your presents? Find here the best printable tags for gifts you can find online in a convenient PDF file. We’ve created several designs that will surely fit your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Printable paper Christmas gift tags (PDF)

Christmas is a time for making presents. To kids, to adults, to anyone you care about and are worthy of receiving a gift. The thing is, most people think the same, which can be really confusing if you share a home with several family members. If that is so, you’ll surely want to keep track of every gift you wrap by adding simple printable Christmas tags. 

If going out is a no-no, then you’ll be thrilled to find our beautiful tag designs. These will surely complete your perfect gift.

How to use a printable present tag?

Using these printable Christmas gift tags couldn’t be easier. You simply have to download the file or print it directly from your browser. Grab some good scissors and cut out all the tags. Finally, you can pierce the tag with a knitting needle and attach it to the present with your favorite cord. Alternatively, you can use a hole opener or cutter. 

Christmas flowers printable present tag

This design comes packed with Christmas flowers and overall foliage people love. You can almost smell them by just looking at them. This is a rather sober design, which is perfect to tag a gift for adults and seniors. 

printable christmas tags flower

Canvas-like Christmas tag

This Christmas tag is inspired by canvas and script letters. It’s fancy and goes well with any kind of stylish script font, ribbons, and cords. This design is great to use with classy gifts, like a bottle of champagne or fancy whisky.

canvas christmas tag

Santa’s tag

We couldn’t leave out Santa, the impersonation of Christmas, out of these tags. This beautiful design is traditional, as it depicts Santa sitting on a comfy chair counting the names of good boys and girls. It sure looks like it’s going to be a busy Christmas.

christmas printable tag

Download the best printable Christmas gift tags here

You can print and use as many as you want. Do keep in mind that one sheet comes with several tags, so one print might suffice. Feel free to add more details, like high-quality paper, ribbons, glitter, or maybe even some paint to improve these tags as you please. Check out the download links below.

· Christmas flowers PDF

· Canvas-like tag PDF

· Santa’s tag PDF