Get here the most beautiful printable Christmas ornaments and start decorating your house without having a big budget. Are you in? There’s more to it than a cute form of decoration; it’s also a fun Christmas family activity. Keep reading to learn more.

Printable Christmas ornaments and paper holiday decorations

Every year, when Christmas comes around, families spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on expensive Christmas decorations. This year it will be a different story though. If you’re into DIY art, decorations, and more alike, this article will give you some resources and ideas to decorate your home easily. 

Also, not only you can learn how to decorate your house only by spending a penny or two, but also a good way of keeping kids entertained with this family activity. Let’s get right into it.

Christmas decorations to print out

We’ve created four different Christmas ornaments you can print out in full color. You can use them as patterns, outlines, cutouts, and stencils to create more beautiful DIY Christmas decorations. It’s also a good idea to keep kids entertained and even in charge of decorating the house with these. Simply letting them add finishing touches they want to add to each design and distribute them around the house is great to keep things colorful.

Christmas printable ornaments in paper

As you can see, these beautiful designs are based on classic Christmas ornaments. Here are some more ideas on how to use them:

  • Create cutouts and simply distribute them around the house. Add a hole cut out and some string to put them in trees.
  • Create some complex designs by using ours as stencils. Paint on top of surfaces by using just the outlines.
  • You can replicate part of the designs with plastic bag cutouts. 
  • Create lamp shades with cutouts of these designs. 

You can also add a little more flair to them with some cute string, glitter, or by attaching them to Christmas lights. 

Download the best printable Christmas ornaments below

Christmas is not about spending money, but more about spending time with the ones you love the most. Moreover, there’re millions of things you can do if you have the skill and creativity. Having tons of love and family time during Christmas doesn’t have to be dull and colorless, and these cheap Christmas ornaments will help you fix this. Are you in? Enjoy and share with your friends.

Ornaments 1 – PDF

Ornaments 2 – PDF 

Ornaments 3 – PDF

Ornaments 4 – PDF