Are you looking for some cute printable Christmas mistletoe decorations? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve created some of the cutest printable mistletoe decorations you can use to add some color to your home. Also, we’ve created a perfect cutout DIY printable mistletoe decoration on paper. Read on to learn more.

Printable Christmas mistletoe decorations

Receiving a kiss under a Christmas mistletoe is a cute experience. If you want to have a couples party, you can make that happen for your friends. We’ve created three different printable mistletoe decorations that will cause everyone to kiss at your homemade Christmas party. Are you in?

Single printable mistletoe decoration

This one is a simple printable mistletoe decoration. It’s based on real mistletoe, so it’s not as flashy and bright-colored as the rest of the mainstream Christmas decoration. Perfect to add a sober touch to your tree and door marks at home. If you like this design, you’ll surely love these mistletoe drawings.

Printable Christmas mistletoe decoration

Multiple printable mistletoe decorations

This one comes with several smaller mistletoe decorations to cut out. It’s perfect to create smaller details for doorknobs, stickers, and more. You can also add a simple tiny hole on top of it to create a hanging decoration for your Christmas tree.

several printable christmas mistletoe decoration

Christmas mistletoe – DIY decoration

This one is the best for DIY lovers. With this design, you’ll be able to create a 3D paper made mistletoe. Here are the instructions:

printable 3D mistletoe decoration for christmas


  • Roll the brown stripes inwards (to show the brown side). These are the branches, and they are tiny, so be careful when gluing them together.
  • Cut out the berries. Curl each petal inwards (to show the yellowish side), piercing each circle in the middle with a needle (make sure to pierce the thread first!). Finally, attach them to the branches using the same thread.
  • Cut out the leaves, roll them a little bit, and paste them to the branches.

And that’s it. You can attach it with a string to any tree.

Download the best Christmas mistletoe decorations here

These printable decorations are easy to create with some scissors or cutters. They are great to teach kids some DIY skills and skills with scissors. Be sure to supervise them though. Get the download links below and start creating.

  • Single mistletoe
  • Multiple mistletoe
  • DIY 3D mistletoe