If you’re looking for a candy cane decoration or pattern, you came to the right place. We’ve created five ornaments you can print for free and cut out to decorate your home or Christmas tree. Check them out below.

Printable candy cane pattern for indoor or outdoor X-mas decoration

The Christmas candy cane is an interesting tradition that originated in the 1600s in Germany.  We can all agree that these have spread throughout the world, reaching almost every home in America as part of the Christmas tradition. We also want to add; they are delicious.

If you like this type of decoration, but don’t want real candy canes hanging in your tree, we have the cheapest solution for you. Print your own. We’ve created five candy cane decorations and patterns for you to decorate your home easily.

How to decorate with candy canes?

To decorate with our candy canes, you just have to print them on sticky paper, add some glue to them, or even better; a cord. After that, you can place them wherever you want. They are colorful, easy to use, and perfect to cheer up any place. We do recommend that you supervise kids if you’re planning to let them cut out the shapes.

Big cane pattern

The first design is a big candy cane, which you can download in color, or black and white. It’s perfect for you to use it as a stencil, or if you want to create more complicated designs with them. Also, you can use the black and white version to create coloring activities for kids. All without the added risk of high blood sugar.

Christmas candy cane color red

Simple cane with ribbon.

If you want to create ready to use patterns (with the tips above), you can use this design. It comes with a ribbon as well, to add up to the color.

Small and mini candy cane ornaments

These ones are smaller versions of the one above. Both of them are perfect to create stickers, especially the smallest ones. You can easily add a message using our printable letters. Let your creativity flow to create even better designs based on this one.

printable candy cane pattern mini

Download the best candy cane decoration here

Below you’ll find the five different designs in downloadable PDF. These are free to get, use, and spread wherever you go. Just be sure to pick the right design. You can also check out our printable clip art and cartoon candy cane designs for more ideas.