These candy cane clip art designs will surely get your cut-o-meter to the max. We’ve created two different clip art and cartoon candy canes, based on classic Christmas decorations. Are you ready for the goofy eyes? Read on.

Print candy cane drawings, pictures, cartoon clipart, and images for Christmas

Candy canes are a classic Christmas ornament used all over the world. Usually, they’re used in a much more classic manner, like with our classic Christmas candy cane designs. However, if that’s too serious for you, we’ve created some other more cartoony designs you can download for free to decorate your home during Christmas.

Simple clip art Christmas candy cane

This one’s a simple cartoon candy cane with a ribbon. You can download it in green, red, and blue colors. They occupy most of the page, so make sure to download as many as you need to decorate.

simple candy cane clipart

Simple clip art Christmas candy cane – several

This is the same design as the one above but comes with several smaller candy canes of different colors on the same page. It’s perfect to create smaller stickers for cards, windows, and doors. You can also use sticky vinyl to create more resistant outdoor decorations.

Cartoon candy cane

This one is a simple cartoon candy cane with googly eyes. It’s as cute as a candy cane can be. You can use it to create tree ornaments, paper decorations to hang on the wall, and much more. It’s even good to put it inside a Christmas sock.

candy cane clipart cute cartoon

Download the cutest candy cane cartoon design and more here

These designs will surely add some charm to your Christmas decoration without hassles. They are easy to use. You can cut them out and start using them right away, so even kids will enjoy helping you out.