How to make paper Christmas ornaments with examples

Are you looking for some ideas to make paper Christmas ornaments? Find here some awesome templates to create the cutest ornaments with simple paper. These are great to keep kids entertained with coloring and help them master scissors. Let’s get into it.

How to make paper Christmas ornaments with examples

Finding the right ornaments for Christmas is not as easy, cheap, or fun as making your own. If you have some extra hands, especially tiny hands, at home, this is the perfect DIY project for the holidays. In this article, we’ll show you 3 cool ideas you can create at home easily with recycled paper and some DIY skills. Simply follow the instructions below.

Paper made Christmas ornament orb

To make this ornamental orb you have to:

  • Print the template and cut following the instructions.
  • Pierce a needle through the middle of each of the smallest circles.
  • Then, in order, pierce each’s petals holes in order from left to right until all of them form a tiny ball.
  • Finally, pass some nylon through the needle and make a knot.

That’s it. You can print out the template in color and add some details with glitter, glue, and more to improve it.

Paper made cherries

Using a technique similar to the previous you can make cherries (with red paper) by using a smaller template. All you have to do after that is foliage with green paper cutouts (below) and you’re all set.

paper made christmas ornaments cherries

Be sure to cut each leaf carefully. It’s better if you use an exact instead of scissors for this one. It’s not safe for kids to do it though.

christmas paper made foliage ornamental

Simple Christmas tree

This paper Christmas tree is easy to make. Simply cut it out of the sheet, cut the vertical line until half of each tree, and ensamble using the same cuts. After that, you can use the foliage to decorate it and even add some orbs.

You can easily pair all of these templates to create beautiful and more complex arrangements. Keep in mind that you can also use more materials, like glitter, paint, and even thicker paper to make them even cuter (and last longer).

Download the best paper made Christmas ornaments here

These templates are completely free to get. With them, you’ll be able to create the cutest Christmassy designs without any trouble or extra expenses. As we said above, kids will love to play decoration with them; just be sure to stick around supervising.