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Find here the best free printable tags for birthdays, presents, and more. Letting the birthday people know that they’re special on their special day is very important, and you can do this customizing up to the last detail. Are you preparing a gift? Read this useful article.

Gift tags for Christmas presents, holiday gifts, and birthday presents

Free printable tags are a very useful tool. Not only do you get to customize a gift tag for someone you care about, but also, you can be really original, save money, and leave a better impression at the same time. If that’s what you want to do for your friend’s birthday, then check out the free printable tags we’ve created for you. 

These will be very useful for people whose birthday is coming, for Christmas gifts, and just about any present, you want to give. 

Simple birthday gift tags

This one is an interesting but simple birthday gift tag. Due to its size and shape, you’ll be able to add as many details as you want. We highly recommend this one if you can take advantage of the design by adding some of your own DIY skills and creativity.

free printable tags

Ready to use birthday tag

This one is perfect if you just want to add a message or quote for your friend or loved one to read. The rest of the design is ready to use. Simply print it and add the quote with the cutest letters and messages you can write. 


Free printable present tag

This is another easy to use printable tag. There’s nothing special about this one, only that it’s just cute. We know you don’t always give gifts to people you actually love that much, or that you don’t have a deep relationship with even though you like them. For those occasions, this is the present tag to use.

free printable tags simple tag

Download these free printable gift tags below

These tags might be the lacking piece of the perfect gift, so please consider them before going and getting a store-bought common tag. That’s just not worth it. With Christmas on the way, make sure to check out our other designs of tags, name tags, and more. These will surely be useful to capture the Christmas spirit. Enjoy.

· Simple present tag

· Ready to use tag

· Present tag