christmas trivia printable

Are you looking for some printable Christmas word search and trivia to have fun with during family reunions? Find here some of the best designs you can use to create perfect trivia cards, as well as the best word search you have to print this Christmas. Let’s get right into it.

Free, printable Christmas word search game for the family

Word search games and trivia games are among the most played during family and friends’ reunions, along with Christmas bingo. Why is this? Because we love challenging each other and laughing together, especially when Christmas and all our relatives come around. That’s why we know you’ll need some of these games to make Christmas much more interesting.

If you’re into family games, you probably know that movie trivia and more alike are among the best to crack a laugh, especially if you play with mimicking and not just questions. The designs we’ve created take that into account and let you have tons of fun with simple cutout cards and word search puzzles. Check the designs below.

Free printable Christmas word search

This word search puzzle is great to keep the family and Christmas vibe going, whether you’re playing alone or with others. It comes packed with words related to Christmas, Santa, and more. It’s also perfect to keep kids entertained and away from screens. 

Christmas word search printable free

Free printable Christmas movie trivia

This one is perfect for those Christmas cinephiles who love to organize trivia nights at home. We have included some of the best trivia about Christmas movies, both old and new, so you can play this game with people of all ages. 

chrismtas movie trivia printable free

Free blank trivia cards

If there’s something funnier than Christmas movie trivia, is a trivia night set up with your own fun facts and questions? This is the perfect opportunity to make inside jokes that you and your friends know, your family stories, and more. Make sure to keep it safe for kids, not personal, and don’t write them while having a sip of eggnog.

Download these perfect family games below

These designs will surely keep your loved ones and yourself entertained. They’re easy to use, fun, and can get people of all ages entertained. To use them, simply print them in color, add the trivia (if necessary), and start playing in the living with everyone gathered. You’ll surely have a nice time. Check out our Christmas Bingo cards for more fun.

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· Christmas movie trivia PDF

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