printable christmas left right games

Having fun during Christmas is now easy with these printable Christmas games you can get for free. We’ve created three different games for you to play with your loved ones during this time of the year, including the family favorite Christmas left-right game. Read on to learn more.

Free, printable Christmas games for the family

Christmas is a lovely time of the year, almost entirely dedicated to family and children. We use it to spend time with our beloved ones, without hassles, preoccupations, and to recharge batteries for the next year. With that in mind, we wanted to create some of the best formats of traditional Christmas games to play with your family during this jolly time.

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Christmassy version of classic games

The games we’ve created are new to no one. These are easy to play, almost without instructions, and, like our movie Christmas trivia cards, highly entertaining for the whole family. Check them below.

Christmas tic tac toe

This is a Christmas version of the classic tic tac toe. To use it, simply cut out every shape and start playing. Keep in mind that this versatile design was created to be reusable and without needing a pen. Cut out the ginger cookie and Christmas ornament shapes and use it instead of X’s and O’s. This one’s perfect for small kids.

printable christmas games tic tac toe

How many items can you name? – Christmas version

This one is perfect for big kids and adults who can write rapidly. Simply print several pages, get a pen or pencil, and set a timer to one or two minutes. All you have to do is to write down as many Christmas items as you can. After counting, the one with more valid items written down wins. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Christmas left-right game

Finally, the Christmas left-right game. This one is a classic for those who love presents, but it takes some preparation. Simply, get some people in your family to buy unisex gifts. It’s much better if you set a price limit, so nobody gets something too expensive. Then, gather all the players and their gifts. Everyone holds a gift in their hands while someone else reads the story below out loud. Every time the words ‘right’ or ‘left’ are read, everyone passes their present to the person next to them. Pay attention to the story. When the story ends, everyone keeps the present they’re holding.

printable christmas left right games

Pro tip: things get much more interesting if everyone wraps their presents in the same paper and box sizes.

Download the best printable Christmas games below

These games will surely bring a lot of joy to you and your beloved ones. Remember to treasure those moments this time of the year. Are you ready for playing? Enjoy.