Santa claus toilet roll paper cutouts ornament

Are you looking for some toilet paper Christmas ornaments ideas? In this article, you’ll find some of the best printables to decorate your house with recycled toilet paper rolls. Let’s get right into it.

Free paper Christmas ornament patterns you can print and cut out

Thanks to the highly necessary recycling trend (that keeps growing year over year), using things that were seen as waste to create decorations has turned out as a good way of helping the environment. If that’s your jam, then you came to the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you some cute looking resources to create interesting designs with toilet paper rolls. 

It’s a good way of keeping kids interested in this Christmassy tradition, as well as to show them how cool recycling can be. Are you in?

How to create Christmas ornaments with toilet paper rolls?

Toilet paper rolls are quite useful to create different things. In this article, we’ll share with you some templates to cut out and paste over them to create interesting looking ornaments. We’ve created different shapes you can use, most of them based on classic Christmassy characters. Check them out below.

Rudolf cutouts

Everyone’s favorite Christmas reindeer in a toilet paper roll? Sold. We’ve got you covered with some cute reindeer fur, horns, and a big red nose. This design is as cute as it gets. Also, you can repurpose it to create the whole fleet of Santa’s reindeer. 

paper christmas ornaments

Santa Claus cutouts

If we have the reindeers, we need Santa to guide them to each and every house. This template comes with a red vest, the classic red Christmas hat, and a big old beard. We highly recommend that you add some details with cotton for extra cuteness. 

Santa claus toilet roll paper cutouts ornament

Santa’s Helper cutout 

Finally, Santa needs some help with so many gifts, which is why we’ve created this elf. It’s not a regular elf, but a really cute one. It’s similar to the designs above, so simply cut out the templates and paste them on top of your toilet paper roll. 

paper christmas ornaments santa's helper

Download the best toilet paper Christmas ornaments cutouts here

All of these designs were created with convenience in mind. You’ll just need some scissors, glue, some patience, and creativity to create the most beautiful Christmas decorations ever. Kids will surely love to help you out as well. Enjoy.

· Rudolf – PDF

· Santa – PDF

· Santa’s helper – PDF