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Are you looking for some original and free Christmas tags? It’s your lucky day. We’ve created some of the cutest, sober, and colorful Christmas tags and gift tags you can use for free. Keep reading to learn more.

Free Christmas tags and gift tags

Christmas tags are an often-overlooked detail about giving presents and gifts. Regular people use simple gift tags that are mere placeholders. But that’s not your case, is it? If you’re looking for a more creative approach, you came to the right place.

We’ve created three different Christmas tag designs you can get for free. Use them to add funny internal jokes, quotes, and more alike to spice up your gifts. Check the designs we’ve created below.

Simple tag

Did we just say ‘simple’? We lied. This ‘simple’ Christmas tag is an opportunity you can use to add all the creativity you want. We didn’t add something that would harm your swag, so you can easily create nifty and sober Christmas tags with beautiful quotes. 

free christmas tags simple tag

Serious Christmas tag

If you want to create a stylish Christmas tag, this is the one to use. We highly recommend that you use high-quality thick paper, as it fits better the design. If you can add engraved letters to it, then you’ll get a luxurious Christmas tag that will surely catch an eye or two. Make sure to put some effort and creativity into that gift though; it’s not the best one to use with wrapped socks.

free christmas tags fancy

Christmas tag for kids

Kids love Christmas as much as we do. Why? Because of the colors. This is a colorful Christmas tag you can use to give presents to kids and someone you know would use colorful clothes and dress as Santa’s helper. 

Download the best free Christmas tags here

These Christmas tags are the best addition to any gift or present you want to give this Christmas (or on birthdays, too). It’s the most original way you can spice up your tag game. They will surely look better than a store-bought one!

· Simple tag

· Fancy tag

· Tag for kids