Based on the amount of gifts that are typically purchased for family, friends, and co-workers, Christmas is probably the most-spendiest time of the year. That’s not to mention all that goes into preparing Christmas dinner, the wrapping paper, gift boxes, holiday gift tags, and shipping and handling.

The rush into the holiday season is accelerated at warp speed with Black Friday hitting immediately after Thanksgiving.

Save money with free printable Christmas decorations

With so much money being spent, it’s always great to find a way to save some money elsewhere. One of the many options to be a little more thrifty (but require a little more work) is to not spend too much money decorating your house or classroom.

So instead of buying real artificial mistletoe or candy canes that won’t ever get eaten, you can peruse our inventory of Christmas decorations that you can download, print on paper, color in and use to spruce up your home in the holiday spirit of your choice.

Check out some of our most-popular Christmas cut outs and templates:

The bad thing about printing out your holiday decorations is that it takes time to cut them out and color them in (if they’re printed out in black and white), but the positives of printable Christmas ornaments, games, and decor is that they’re free and recyclable. So there are no worries about storing them away in an already packed closet or underneath your bed.