Golf distance charts map out how far the average player should you be hitting the ball based on the type of golf club you’re using. The chart isn’t perfect and the truth is that it all depends on so many factors. For instance, a PGA Tour player may hit a 7-iron anywhere around 180 yards, while a short-hitter amateur may average only 120 yards with the same club.

The distance you hit depends on your skill level, physical conditioning, gender, club length, the ball, and the environmental conditions under which you are playing. Why get confused and stressed when a printable golf club distance chart is could help you:

  • Know the predicted tee shots for every club
  • Know the average distances of golfers at different levels of the game
  • Determine your skill level
  • Learn how to improve your shots
  • Understand your strokes better

If you cannot afford a laser range finder or you do not have a smartwatch with GPS, your printable golf club distance chart becomes your best friend. It takes away those challenges.


How to use the printable golf club distance chart

A printable golf club distance chart helps you to understand the distances to aim for when taking a swing. You can attach your printable chart to your backpack or carry it in your pocket because you need to have it with you on the course. Remember to cover it in plastic. The plastic covering protects it from harsh weather elements.

Once you understand the basics, you can take those shots with confidence. Raise your game with this golf club distance chart, which you can download and print.

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