October is right around the corner, which means that Halloween is too! If you have kids, you might be wondering how to keep them entertained during the spooky season, especially during quarantine. This post is for you! We have word searches and games to keep you occupied.

If you need more word searches, check out Printer Friendly’s other free downloadable word searches. Here is a fall-themed puzzle, and another set of puzzles as well.

Pumpkin-shaped word search

Our first word search is simple; Halloween words in a pumpkin shape!

pumpkin-shaped word search










To download the above word search as a PDF, click here.

Halloween costumes word search

One of the most integral parts of Halloween is dressing up as something or someone else! This downloadable word search puzzle has some of the most popular Halloween costumes.

halloween costumes word search



To download the above word search as a PDF, click here.

Halloween bingo

Our next game is Halloween bingo. We have a bunch of fun and spooky items that are found at Halloween. Have each player cut out the squares and make their own bingo board. The caller will also have cut-out squares and pull them out of a bowl.

Halloween bingo

To download the above bingo board as a PDF, click here.

Horror movie match

Our final game can be fun to play alone, or time yourself and friends to see who gets the answers quickest or most accurately. It matches the description of a monster or killer with their name.

horror movie matching game

To download the above puzzle as a PDF, click here.

Do you need ideas of good Halloween costumes? Check out this post with plenty of creative concepts to dress up as! Good Housekeeping has also written up 15 ideas for socially distanced activities so you can still enjoy Halloween during quarantine.