The NCAA D1 Baseball Championship is another name for the playoffs of college baseball and serves as the prelude rounds leading up to the College World Series.

The tournament is held every year at around the same time. From late-May and deep into June, the 64 college baseball squads come together in several different regions to determine the best of the best. Though the field has 64 teams and that normally works out nicely, this isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill tournament layout or format. That’s because those 64 teams are placed into four team groups that play out in 16 different regions..

NCAA D1 Baseball Championship Bracket

If the tournament was a simple single-elimination format, then running the tournament with 64 teams would work out quite nicely. Every team would have a team to play in each round. However that’s not the case, the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship utilizes different tournament format depending on the round. The baseball tourney uses either double-elimination or a best-of-three series broken in the first several rounds. Take a look at the seeded interactive bracket below:

With so many formats, that means a team can lose four tournament games and still be the College World Series champion. The 2019 Baseball Championship games start on Friday, May 31 and play all the way until the end of June — with the final game scheduled for June 28th.

Printable NCAA D1 Baseball Tournament Bracket

With a impresive 47-8 record, the UCLA Bruins finished the regular NCAA season as undoubtedly one of the best teams in the nation. When it came to the tournament, the NCAA agreed and anointed them the number one overall seed in the tournament bracket for the second time in the program’s history.

As with previous NCAA baseball championships many of the games can be viewed on ESPN and ESPN2. Though the Championships officially go until June 28th, the tournament morphs into the College World Series halway through June when the field is whittled down to eight teams. So what you’re downloading is the tournament bracket up until the College World Series:

We;ll have a College World Series bracket once those tournament rounds near. In the meantime, in order to keep track of the NCAA 2019 Division Baseball Championship rounds, print out the above bracket in this image format (jpg). You also have the option to download, view and print it the tournament bracket in PDF format.

But wait there’s more! You have the option of the blue version of the bracket you saw at the top of this post in image and PDF landscape format, as well as the longer, logo bracket in PDF and jpeg image. The latter is quite long in length and will require two sheets of paper.

As mentioned, the 2019 College World Series will begin on June 15th and the eight teams will play for the NCAA Championship at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska