The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to begin with 24 senior national teams coming together in nine different locations across France in Group Play. For the first couple weeks of the tournament, those 24 teams will compete in round robin play against the three other opponents in their group that will determine seeding for the larger single-elimination tournament beginning in late July. Here are the 24 qualifying teams and their groups for the 2019 FIFA women’s tourney:

FIFA Women's World Cup Groups 2019
Team Group
France A
Korea A
Norway A
Nigeria A
Germany B
China B
Spain B
South Africa B
Australia C
Italy C
Brazil C
Jamaica C
England D
Scotland D
Argentina D
Japan D
Canada E
Cameroon E
New Zealand E
Netherlands E
Thailand F
Chile F
Sweden F

As mentioned, no teams have been placed into the 16-team tournament bracket, not until Group Play has been fully-completed. In order to understand how things will work once those sixteen football squads have been determined, take a look at this bracket. The following tells you how the World Cup will line up when Group Play has determined how the four teams are seeded and which teams move on from the Round of 16 to the Quarterfinals and so on.

The United States hopes to come out of their group and defend their title after advancing all the way through the 2015 FIFA World Cup bracket to become champion. Other national teams that are World Cup tournament favorites are England, France, Germany and Japan. For your reference as the tournament progresses, you can see where your favorite team may end up depending on how they fare in Group Play and also get a sense of whom they may play down the line. To download the above bracket, click here for it in png image format or grab the printable PDF version.

Printable Women’s World Cup Tournament Bracket

Once Group Play has been competed, 16 of the 24 teams will move onto the larger tournament play where they’ll compete in a single-elimination format until there’s a single champion standing. That part of the tournament begins on June 22nd and the final match is set for July 9th.

Here’s a blank tournament bracket for this year’s Women’s World Cup. It has no seeds or teams as those won’t be determined until Group Play has been completed, but this is a great resource.

At PrinterFriendly, we bring you brackets in different formats and layouts, and that’s no different for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament. The above is a two-sided blank bracket for you to fill out when the time comes. To view, download and print it out in the popular PDF format, you can do so here: FIFA Womens World Cup Tournament Bracket (2-sided). If you prefer a high-quality image (PNG) to print from, we also have that here.

Believe it or not, 2019 is just the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup and gets started today, Friday, June 7th. The first match of the day features hosts France taking on South Korea at 3 p.m. ET. As we briefly talked about, the USA enters this summer’s tournament as defending World Cup champs and is the top-ranked team according to the official FIFA rankings. USA has been ranked #1 for 11 of the past 12 years.

The Americans women’s national team are also casino favorite with odds sitting at a favorable 7-4 to become the 2019 Women’s World Cup champions again. That’s because the team’s roster features many experienced players who were apart of that 2015 World Cup team in Canada.