Are you looking for a 6-team double elimination bracket? Find here the very best double-elimination bracket for short tourneys with 6 participants or teams. They’re great to have videogame or card tourneys at home.

6 team double elimination bracket

We decided to build off our original 6-team double-elimination brackets we’ve provided because they’re popular (also fun and intense) smaller tournament formats that can be completed in one day of play.

Double-elimination brackets are a favored form of organizing amateur and high-school tournaments of almost any kind – mostly because they offer an extra opportunity or more for losing teams to fight for victory. Thus guaranteeing at least two games for each participant.

That’s why they’re the preferred method to organize casual tourneys of different types. From videogames to short baseball, football, or even chess tourneys can be more exciting with this system.

How to use a double-elimination system?

The double-elimination system is a variant of the single-elimination and it works similarly. The teams are assigned a spot on the winning side of the bracket, while the loser’s bracket is empty at first.

Then, after the first 3 matches, there will be 3 winning teams that will advance to the next and contest each other. The other 3 teams enter the loser’s bracket for a second chance, also matching each other. The winner of each bracket meets at the end and here’s the interesting part of this system.

If the winner from the winner’s bracket defeats the other winner of the loser’s bracket, the tourney is over. If it’s the other way around, then there’s a second finals match to determine the tournament’s champion This is done so the winner of the winners’ bracket also gets a second opportunity of winning the whole tourney since getting to the finals from the winners bracket means that team hasn’t lost during the tourney.

6 team bracket double elimination with classification board


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We’ve created two premium brackets for you. Feel free to use them in any tourney you want to organize, without hidden fees once you fill out your information or branded watermarks. Simply click the download buttons below and start organizing your dream tournament. Don’t forget to check our other brackets here. Or you can download the PDF versions below.

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