16-team double-elimination bracket

16-team double-elimination bracket; the best of the double-elimination system in a bracket. If you’re looking for a bracket to put together a poker, soccer, or even a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate local tourney, you came to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing bracket.

16-team double-elimination bracket; the king of brackets

Tournament brackets are the best way of putting together a competitive event that keeps engaged. When talking about videogames or card games, the double-elimination system is the best overall type of tournament organization system to host short tourneys. Games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat, any of the Super Smash Bros or other fighting games (and even FPS) can be adapted into a tourney easily.

Still, not any type of tourney bracket works. The single-elimination bracket is certainly not the best to keep a tourney interesting and all the players showing what they got. Why? Because if they lose once, it’s over for them. But this doesn’t happen with the double-elimination system, which will keep everyone (even players) on the edge of their seats.

16-team double-elimination bracket

How to host local tourneys with this bracket

A good tourney will gather the best of the best, the most competitive players, and the most interested ones in proving their worth. But, you must know, that hosting a good tourney is not that easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • To use this bracket, you’ll need at least 16 players (or teams in FPS)
  • If it’s a local tourney, it’s a good idea to keep the bracket at sight, whether it’s printed or in a screen.
  • You’ll need a venue that’s comfortable (with seats, air conditioner, internet connection, and other commodities) to fit your audience and players.
  • Food, drinks, and a couple of garbage cans to keep it clean.
  • A few extra controllers (usually real gamers have their own, but just in case).

After getting all on this list, you’ll be more than ready to host your local tourney. You want to make the tourney shorter with the same number of players? Check out here the 16-team single-elimination bracket.

Download here the best 16 team double elimination brackets

We have three different and useful formats for you to pick from below.

16-team double-elimination bracket

You can get them in a printable PDF, in JPG to display it on screens and maybe edit on top, and an XLS that’s completely customizable.