12-team double-elimination bracket

If you think you’re ready to keep up with the tournament (yeah, you know which one), you’re actually not ready until you download our printable 12-team double-elimination bracket. So, what are you waiting for?

Why would you need a 12-team double-elimination bracket?

Brackets are used for many things related to tournaments, and you probably came here to get the best ones for one of two reasons:

  1. Organizing your own tournament. It could be of any sport or game in which competitiveness is important.
  2. Keeping up with an ongoing tournament. Local soccer leagues or maybe amateur tourneys this weekend, or maybe your kid’s soccer team is playing in local cups.

Whatever the reason is, there are only a few things that worry you:

  • You need a high-quality layout.
  • That is simple and easy to use.
  • Completely free.
  • And printable.

And, you can find exactly that here at PrinterFriendly. Need a faster system? Check out the 12-team single-elimination bracket.

Why should I use a double-elimination bracket?

Because of the double-elimination system, of course. This system provides you with different solutions to the biggest issues of the single-elimination system:

  • Teams are not eliminated if they lose; they get a chance to redeem themselves.
  • Also, the double-elimination system ensures that all teams play at least two games.

 12-team double-elimination bracket

This means that this one offers a much more balanced approach to the organization of tourneys. Additionally, our bracket designs are the best, and they are the go-to options of our wide community.

Download here the best 12-team double-elimination bracket

Getting our bracket is the best choice you can take. Below, you will find the most useful 12 team D.E printable layouts, in three different formats, and an awesome design that you can download completely for free.