5 team single elimination bracket

Find here the best 5-team single elimination bracket to keep your tournaments short and exciting. When you need a bracket with five teams to host a tournament that is not long, it is rather difficult to find a system to fit your needs. If that is your case, you came to the right place. Let’s get started.

5 team single elimination bracket

Here at PrinterFriendly you can find tons of brackets that are up to the task as we have different options for a different number of teams. In this case, the 5-team single elimination will fit you like a glove.

There are many occasions where you might need it. For example:

  • If you’re following a short tourney.
  • If you’re organizing one of your own.
  • If you’re following a tourney that switches to the single-elimination system in the last rounds.

If any of those sounds like yours, then keep on reading.

How to use this bracket?

Using a single-elimination bracket is much easier than the double and triple-elimination systems, as well as other systems like round-robin.

This type of bracket is as straightforward as it could be:

5 team single elimination bracket

  • Select the participating teams and fill their names at their places on the bracket.
  • If one team loses, it’s eliminated from the tournament.
  • If one team wins, it advances to the next round.
  • When the last two teams face each other, the winner and loser are first and second in that order.
  • The third place of the tournament is usually a third event that matches the teams that lost in the semifinals.

And that’s it. It is indeed a simple system. If you need to add a team or player, check out our 6-team single-elimination bracket.

Download here the best 5-team single elimination bracket.

If you think this bracket is what you need, you can easily download it below. The brackets provided by PrinterFriendly don’t showcase any logo or watermark, so you can feel free to use them as you please.

5 team single elimination bracket