10 team single elimination bracket

10-team single-elimination brackets are exactly what you need to organize and promote the perfect tournament. Find here the best three options to download and start organizing your tourney right away.

10-team single-elimination tourneys

Tourneys with 10 teams are the starting point of the big championships and the most exciting sports events. The first versions of big championships started with ten or slightly more teams in the bracket. The best example of this was the first FIFA World Cup, which only had 13 teams from around the world.

This system is the most efficient to determine the overall best team of the tourney. You can also pair it with other variations to make things interesting, like best-of series, where instead of one game per match, there are several. A team that faces another and wins most games (most out of 3, 5, or more), advances to the next round. This is widely used in American pro sports, like NCAA’s events.

Why use our brackets?

Here at PrinterFriendly you’ll find the best brackets to organize or follow ongoing tourneys. Their design is simple, easy to understand and use. That’s why anyone could set up their tournaments easily with just a few tweaks. We’re also different than other websites, which offer brackets with watermarks. Our brackets are completely free to download, use, and they do not have annoying watermarks that will diminish the quality of a printed bracket. Feel free to use them as you please. Also, check out the double-elimination version of the 10-team bracket.

10-team single-elimination

Download here the best 10-team single-elimination bracket

Below you’ll find three different formats to download this bracket. You can easily visualize the JPG bracket on your phone or computer, and the PDF and XLS formats are the greatest to obtain printable and fully customized brackets. Download them as much as you need.

10-team single-elimination

  • Download here in JPG format: easy to edit on mobile devices for quick tournaments.
  • Download here in XLS format: the best customizable option.
  • Download here in PDF format: ready from your device to the printer.