Eight Team Bracket Template

Tournament bracket with 2 sides and 8 teams (printable PDF)

Here’s a printable bracket template for an eight team tournament broken out by two sides (or conferences).

The two-division bracket is not only printable, but it is also blank so you can customize your bracket to your need. Each side features four teams and two rounds. This empty bracket is made for single elimination tournaments, but can also be used for multiple games.

This Bracket is Missing the Quarterfinals!

With a bracket that features three rounds including the championship game (or round), the tournament’s rounds we decided on are:

  1. First Round
  2. Semi Finals
  3. Championship Game

Usually, the quarterfinals come before the semifinals, but because this tournament only has three rounds, using “quarterfinals” immediately would be a misnomer because the bracket needs four rounds for it to be a proper quarterfinals. This is why the initial round is the first round in this specific template.

This printable two-conference bracket features eight teams to start out with in the first round. The winners of the first found move onto the semi-finals which has four teams. The winners of the two semifinal matches will meet up in the championship game.

Printable 2-Sided, 8-Team Bracket

So print your empty bracket out and get your eight team, two sided tournament going. We’ve provided you three color choices of the 2 side/8 teams bracket: black/white, gray shaded, and blue. All printable, all the time. PrinterFriend.ly.

Printable Bracket: 8 teams 2 sided

White (Print)

Tournament bracket with 2 sides and 8 teams (printable PDF)

Shaded (Print)

2 conference / 8 teams bracket (printable)

Blue (Print)