You’re here for an 8-team double-elimination bracket, and certainly, you will get the best one for free. Just keep reading to find out more about this amazingly useful bracket and why it’s one of our favorites here at PrinterFriendly. Let’s get started.

8-team double-elimination bracket

When you know a little bit more than average people about tournaments, you are completely aware of the difficulty behind them. The main difficulties behind the organization of a tournament are:

  • Getting a venue.
  • The number of participating teams or players, which can increase the difficulty as the number of matches goes up.
  • Trying to organize the teams during the draw phase.
  • And much more.

Finally, an unnamed difficulty is finding a high-quality bracket, that is easy to use, and that you can download and print easily. Don’t worry about that, because PrinterFriendly has you covered with this completely free printable 8-team double-elimination bracket. We even have the single-elimination version of the 8-team bracket.

How to use this bracket?

Using this bracket couldn’t be easier, really. You’ll need to gather the teams, fill the names in their respective places within the bracket, and use the classic phrase “let the games begin”. After that, you’ll just need to keep updating the format until the tournament ends. It is a piece of cake.

Additionally, you can use this bracket to organize tournaments of any type. All the tournaments you set up with them will harness the advantages of the double-elimination system, which will make the tournament something more like a heroic redemption tale in some cases. That’s what we love about this system. Check out here the single-elimination version of this bracket.

8 team single elimination bracket

As you can see, this system has lesser games.

Download here the best printable 8 team double-elimination bracket

If you have all the other organizational challenges taken care of, getting the bracket is the last step. Below, you will find the most useful 8-team D.E bracket, in the best formats, and design that you can download completely for free.